In today’s generation, cameras are very well used as a form of security in establishments, offices, schools, and even at home. This is truly a leap in the world of technology. How amazing is it to monitor everything with the help of the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)?

Therefore, you can surely monitor everything that is happening at home even if you are on a business trip, or even at work. You can closely monitor what everyone is doing and whoever is coming in or out of your home. This is the very reason why a CCTV has become a necessity when it comes to security.

What’s the right security camera for you?

There are quite a lot of types of security cameras that you can choose from. Here are some of the cameras that you might find practical:

1. 360-degree Security CCTV Camera

The 360-degree Security CCTV Camera is also commonly known as the virtual PTZ. This type of security camera can be used in the assurance that everything that it can catch in its lens in a 320-degree coverage can be recorded. These types of CCTV camera do have a high resolution quality of video recordings which are stitched to one another.


2. Fixed Security Camera

A fixed security camera is a type of security camera which is intended to catch a certain part of your house, office, school, or building. It has a certain capacity to view some parts of an area. However, it can be a better option compared to a PTZ camera. Despite that it has only one intended direction, it can be optimized which makes it a more reliable security camera.


3. PTZ Camera

A PTZ camera is a security CCTV which has the ability to be repositioned automatically or manually. It has the ability to tilt, zoom in a subject or view, and to even pan. However, it is more advisable to control this security camera manually. It can also follow a subject, and it has a high rate of zooming range. That is why it is also coined as a patrol camera. But there are still some drawbacks about this camera. It is only facing one direction and when you magnify a certain subject, it only occupies a smaller range or area as well.

These are just some of the few types of CCTVs that you can choose from. If you want a higher rate of security at home or for your business, it would still be advisable to keep these cameras monitored by your staff all the time. Even if the security camera can record everything it sees, it might be actually too late to do something out of an incident or case if it is not closely monitored.