Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs)

Closed circuit television cameras or CCTVs as we know them have been playing and have played a very significant roles in shaping up of our lives. In today’s world we see CCTV camera everywhere. You walk into an airport, a railways station, a bar, your office, a university, on the roads, in those shopping malls, in the factories, CCTV cameras are everywhere. CCTV cameras are a great utility and they extend your vision and sight at a number of locations and you can remotely monitor them all without being there or without sending a person. The kind of control that a closely integrated network of CCTVs give you, nothing beats that.

There has been an enormous contribution of these CCTV networks in today’s world where security and safety of the people have become a prime concern all across the globe. Secondly with the advancement of technology and the induction of 3rd generation and 4th generation cellular networks, wireless IP based CCTVs camera have become very easy in terms of their deployment and have revolutionized the used of CCTV solutions. These have literally become plug and pay devices, you just mount it up and power them up and they would be up and running within no time. A number of CCTVs cameras can be deployed in the form of a clusters and can be used to remotely monitor each and every corner of the perimeter that you want to cover. Besides have contributed towards security measures there are many other commercial as well as industrial level applications of these CCTSVs. Deployed with those sensors, CCTVs cameras have shaped up process of monitoring and control in a number of industries. You would also see these cameras deployed in almost every other home these days, so basically the application of these camera is huge.

There are many different types of CCTVs camera and CCTV camera based solutions and which depends entirely on their use and your need. Some solutions are very robust and they offer you complete surveillance and monitoring 24*7 along with the play back recordings of the entire time frame. These solutions come with the IVRs (interactive video recording system) whereby you connect a number of camera to a centralized monitoring system whereby you are remotely monitoring the feed of every camera attached to the system. Then there are night vision solutions which deploy night vision camera, cameras that can also see and store at night. The real revolution in these solutions was the introduction of wireless solutions whereby the attached camera communicate wirelessly to the centralized remote monitoring system. The cost and the quality of the solution largely varies and it all depends on your requirement and the purpose for which you want to deploy a CCTV solution.

This however is an established reality that CCTVs have been playing a very pivotal role in our everyday lives and the benefits and the fruits of this technology are absolutely fantastic.